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The Central American Sea Kayak Expedition 2000 - Ultimate Adventure

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CASKE 2000
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Central American Sea Kayak Expedition

The Book

The CASKE book (title undisclosed at this time) is the thrilling story of two friendsí three-year kayak expedition to some of Central Americaís most remote coasts and rivers, as they seek to make contact with endangered native cultures. Jean-Philippe Soule and Luke Shullenberger embark on this journey to document the traditions and cultures of vanishing indigenous peoples. The goal of the expedition is to build public support for protecting these tribes while their traditions are still alive. In part, Jean-Philippe and Luke choose to travel by kayak for the sheer adventure. But more importantly, they believe their vessels will serve both as icebreaker and cultural bridge as they meet natives who themselves travel in small, human-powered watercraft. The story is based upon journal entries from both of these men, and is told in the form of a dual personal narrative.

 This is a story of obstacles that had to be overcome to realize the expeditionís goals. It is a story of encounters with corrupt officials, jaded tribal leaders, bandits, wild animals, diseases, floods, storms and high seas. It is a story of the internal dissent and friction between the two sojourners as the trials of the journey test their friendship, and one of their triumphs over cultural differences, language barriers and mistrusts that stand between them and the tribes they are seeking to help. It is a testament to how altruism can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and enable people to make inordinate physical and emotional sacrifice in their quest for hope.

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