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The Central American Sea Kayak Expedition 2000 - Ultimate Adventure

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CASKE 2000
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Central American Sea Kayak Expedition - Photo Gallery from Baja, Mexico

Some of our equipment (there is more in and on our kayaks!)


Luke getting in his loaded kayak in Baja

J-Philippe with a trigger fish in Baja


What happened? Read the story!

Camp 6. JP stitching Luke's kayak with fishing line.


Luke doesn't clean fish, I always do the dirty work!


Isla Miramar. First try spearfishing (I didn't see anything!)


Isla Miramar. Luke is pumping fresh water with the reverse osmosis pump


Leaving camp 6. After the storm the water was glassy flat. (Isla Angel de la Guardia in the background)


Isla San Luis. JP pumping freshwater.


Luke paddling before sunrise

Punta Bufeo


Luke unloading in Bahia San Juanico

Luke landing on Tecolote beach

Luke landing on San Rafael Beach

J-Philippe at work with the solar panels


How the website comes to you



Landing in the middle of nowhere

Scallops sauteed in oil and garlic, mmmm!






Crab boil


Punta Botella


A nice camp


Punta Botella


Punta Botella


Fishing in Punta Botella


The whale was only out for a second, tough shot from a rocking boat


In Baja, fishing is an art, and the primary source of food and income


Punta Bufeo

CASKE 2000 Expedition Journals
BAJA, MEXICO: October - December 98


The Sea of Cortez,
San Felipe to La Paz

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CASKE 2000 Expedition Journals by Jean-Philippe Soule and Luke Shullenberger