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The Central American Sea Kayak Expedition 2000 - Ultimate Adventure

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CASKE 2000
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Central American Sea Kayak Expedition - Photo Gallery from Belize

Do you think I can get a smile for the photo?

Brothers wrestling in a hammock, Mayan village of Blue Creek

"Really strange these two big guys, don't you think so?"

Before and after. In and out of the oven. The best beach cinnamon buns.

The only dry place on a mangrove island

JP with speared grouper

Coconut basket ball game on a deserted island

Slash and burn agriculture is still practiced by the Mayans

This type of water vine produces a lot of drinking water

Howler monkeys are so loud we hear them miles away

Iguana or Godzilla?

Doesn't it look like Godzilla


Sugar Cane grows quickly everywhere, the problem is to control it.
Cane fields also provide a good habitat for snakes.

Kids feed sugar cane on one side and retrieve it on the other (to be squeezed again)

The best technique is to step on a stick to break the neck

Hot corn tortillas make a great accompaniment to soups

CASKE 2000 Expedition Journals
BELIZE: March - May 99



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