The Central American Sea Kayak Expedition 2000 - Ultimate Adventure


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Expedition Leader, Webmaster and Photographer

Jean-Philippe Soulé (expedition profile)

Jean-Philippe Soulé (Native Planet profile)

Expedition Member

Luke Shullenberger

Photographer and Assistant Team Member

Yumi Soule

Yumi has traveled extensively in Latin America with CASKE 2000 working as a photographer and a contributor to cultural documentary projects.

Luke and J-Philippe

Luke and J-Philippe


Server Manager and Technical Support

Randal Irwin

Digital Photo Manager and Technical Support

Eddie Dinkins


randal.jpg (16450 bytes)

Eddie Dinkins


The team is comprised of specialists who have agreed to provide us with valuable support and resources to make this expedition a success. We are indebted to our expert advisors for the skills, experience, knowledge and contacts they contribute to CASKE 2000. Each expert advisor has been sought for the uniqueness and depth of knowledge they possess and support they can provide us. We invite you to meet them and see how their contributions will make our expedition a truly amazing cultural and educational adventure for everyone following our progress.


Mexico Ed Gillet, Kayak Instructor and Guide
Honduras / Nicaragua Derek A. Parent, Guidebook Author, University Professor

Richard A. James, Engineer, Forestry Specialist

Panama Scott Muller, Kuna Yala Guide

Marianella Martinelli, Directora Politica Indigenista, Minesterio de Gobierno

Blas Quintaro, Anthropologist

Kayaking Ed Gillet

Dave Williams  and

Sea Canoe Intl.

Marine Biology

Wade Smith, Moss Landing Marine Labs, Monterrey, CA

David Vernon, Naturalist/Guide, Belize


Honduras Logistical Support Richard A. James

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